Destroying concrete in the name of research

Just to give others a bit of an idea of what I am currently doing, I am currently involved with a research project with with 3 others which involves the development of a column system that is almost completely untried. It involves using the traditional hardy materials of steel and concrete combined with Aramid (Kevlar) reinforced polymer sheets. The column system involves creating an inner steel tube, an outer Aramid fibre tube and pouring concrete into the space between the two tubes, leaving just the inside of the steel tube hollow. The intention of the research is to investigate how the columns perform under slightly different design conditions which involves replicating the seismic forces applied to buildings during earthquakes.

Combined with the column system, the concrete being used is some of the strongest that has ever been created in the world. Several different strengths of concrete are being trialled, with the strongest concrete mix used at least 4 times the strength of regular concrete. To test their strength in compression, small cylinders were created for testing purposes and left for different periods of time before placing them into the “Jaws of Death”. Below are several images of the aftermath from the destruction, and a video of the explosive failure.

Gravity redefined? One of the high strength concrete specimens that met its destructive fate.

This specimen remained mostly intact, with a chunk of the side blowing off at failure.

This ultra high strength concrete specimen suffered from a shear failure, where one small section completely separated from the rest.


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5 Responses to “Destroying concrete in the name of research”

  1. SammyM Says:

    That’s awesome! The suspense in the video was killing me.. But wow that was definitely an explosive failure. Great blog Alo, I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far!

  2. chris of brompton Says:

    Very interesting., thanks.
    I wonder if this could be the next Stobie pole development

  3. More concrete and column research « Urban Rediscovery: Creating Better Communities Says:

    […] months ago, I published a post about some research I was undertaking as part of my honours project at the University of Adelaide about the use of high […]

  4. sky Sd em tv led Says:

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