Franklin Street, Adelaide – A street in transition, Part 1

Traditionally, much of Adelaide’s central business district has developed in the area north of Waymouth and Pirie Streets, east of Topham Mall, Leigh Street and Bentham Street and west of Pulteney Street. Since the turn of the century, an increasing amount of new development has been further south with areas such as King William Street south of Victoria Square and Franklin Street now seeing more building activity.

Franklin Street is about to undergo its biggest transformation in its 174 year history. Over a dozen development plans are in various stages of planning or construction. These developments will transform what is one of the city’s quietest and most derelict streets into a key expansion zone for the central business district. The map below shows where many of these developments will be located.

Map of developments planned for Franklin Street. These are numbered 1 through to 8. (Source: Nearmap)

1. City Central Tower 8

One of the largest developments currently under construction on Franklin Street is City Central Tower 8, an 18 level building which will become the new home of the Australia Tax Office in Adelaide when completed. The building is part of a larger project known as City Central which is a mixed-use development including offices, retail and hotel space. The project includes the redevelopment of Electra House, presently being used by Tuxedo Cat through the duration of the Adelaide Fringe. Currently, only Tower 1 and Tower 2 have been completed.

2. The Atrium

Further west along Franklin Street at the former Telstra Exchange site (42-56 Franklin Street), a 17 level office building that sits adjacent to the Pitt Street intersection. The former Telstra Exchange Building that previous occupied the site was demolished in 2009 and the site is currently an empty plot of land.

3. A site awaiting development

Directly opposite where The Atrium was proposed is this multi-storey car park which is provides an ugly frontage to Franklin Street. Truscotts previously occupied the ground floor, but this is currently not in use. Rebuilding at this location would remove one of the ugliest structures on the street. I am led to believe that there was previously a proposal for a 9 level office building here, but can not confirm this.

4. 58-76 Franklin Street

On the north side of Franklin Street west from Pitt Street is another derelict building formerly occupied by Just Kidding. Both this building and the adjacent lot are currently used as a car park. The five storey extension to the car park on Young Street behind this site (also part of this development) is currently under construction, while the 16 level apartment building on the corner and the 19 level office building will soon commence construction.

Part 2 will follow shortly.


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