Bowden Urban Village Project moves forward

On April 23 2011, the Rann Government approved and outlined more detailed project progress plans for the first TOD at Bowden in Adelaide’s inner west. The project will gradually be developed in 10 stages, starting later in 2011 and ending around 2022. When completed, it is expected that this revitalised inner city community will be home to over 3500 residents, as well as retail and commercial space along its streets.

The first development will take place at the northern end of the project site and gradually progress south over the following years. Currently, works are already under way to demolish existing buildings on the stage 1 site and the project office is soon to be fitted out.

With visible progress soon to be seen at Bowden, it is hoped that the success of this development encourages further urban renewal and increased vibrancy in other inner city neighbourhoods. Hopefully lessons have been learned from the Newport Quays development which has yet to achieve any significant positive impact on the surrounding Port Adelaide community.

In a city where the property development industry is very much bias towards detached dwellings over higher density, this development marks the beginning of a shift towards more efficient and responsible development and maybe a change in the mindset of individuals who have known nothing but the Great Australian Dream their entire lives. For property developers who dare to dream big and go against the suburban flow, I believe that there are plenty of opportunities ahead in Adelaide.

The 10-stage delivery for the Bowden Urban Village Project can be seen here.

Source: Land Management Corporation


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