Adelaide’s new trains

As part of the electrification program to allow electric train services on the Noarlunga, Seaford, Tonsley, Grange, Outer Harbour and Gawler Lines, 66 new carriages will be built for the system replacing the aging diesel 2000 class trains which have been in service since 1978. The newer 3000 class trains introduced in the late 1980s and early 90s will be converted from diesel traction to electric traction.

Adelaide's new electric trains are being constructed by Bombardier. (Source: AdelaideNow)

From the animations that have been released it would appear that the trains will be constructed by Bombardier as 3-car electric multiple unit (EMU) sets and based on the Velocity train sets already running on the V/Line system in Victoria. This brings Adelaide into line with most other major cities who also operate 3-car EMUs (Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne) as 3 and 6-car trains. Some of our stations don’t have platforms long enough to accommodate trains of the 6-car length, however.

The new trains are scheduled to begin arriving in Adelaide in 2012 for testing on the new Seaford rail extension ahead of its opening in 2013, before entering service on the Noarlunga and Gawler lines and eventually the Outer Harbor and Grange lines in 2015.




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