Providing adequate access: St Clair

Driving around in the newly developing St Clair area in Adelaide’s north west – located on the site of the former Actil Factory and Cheltenham Racecourse – a shortcoming in the development stage planning is apparent. There is only one access point into the new suburb at present and it becomes congested at times on certain days.

In the map below, it looks as though there are a couple of roads into the development – Actil Avenue and Brocas Avenue. However, Brocas Avenue is blocked in the middle outside Woodville High School leaving Actil Avenue as the only road access currently open.

The current access arrangements to St Clair as of July 2011. (Source: Nearmap)

Until another route into the development is open, there will continue to be congestion on Actil Avenue at certain times of the day. These are on Monday and Wednesday when the display homes are open and school begins and ends, and also on Saturdays when language classes are run at the school. Actil Avenue is a narrow street, often lined with parked cars which creates further obstructions to the movement of vehicles through the area.

I am not opposed to the St Clair development. All I am saying is that the construction planning needs to be better thought through. In fact, I am well and truly in support of the development as it utilises a site for infill purposes as opposed to fringe area development and it makes for better use of existing infrastructure in the surrounding area – the Outer Harbour railway line in particular which has a lot of spare capacity. (Yes, it will require new infrastructure but so does any new development.) It also provides an opportunity to rejuvenate the heart of Woodville along Woodville Road which is currently little more than an auto alley linking Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Arndale Shopping Centre – through the creation of a development framework for the area and by relocating the St Clair Reserve to allow a TOD to be constructed adjacent to Woodville Station.


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