Ingenuity and rebuilding from disaster

On February 22 this year, Christchurch was hit by one of the closest earthquakes to hit a major city in history. Many of the city’s heritage structures were destroyed or damaged in the disaster, which resulted in the closure of much of the city centre including the City Mall at Cashel Street. The destruction has been widely reported in media, but what hasn’t been talked about is the rebuilding effort.

Amongst the recent rebuilding is an ingenious method of getting business back up and running. The City Mall recently reopened with many businesses set up in temporary structures made from old shipping containers. Here are a few photos from around the web highlighting this ingenious use of materials to get local business back up and running in central Christchurch.

(Photos were taken by the user nzbullet on Flickr)

On the topic of rebuilding efforts of cities from disasters such as earthquakes, I’m off to Japan for the next few weeks including the city of Kobe which itself has recovered from a major earthquake in 1995. I’m not heading north of Tokyo though, as that’s still an area I’ve been told to stay away from. Stay tuned.


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