About This Blog and it’s Author: Andrew

I live in a marvelous city that often goes unappreciated: Adelaide. I am undertaking both Civil Engineering and Finance degrees which I have nearly completed! My passion lies with the built environment and improving the communities we live in. More specifically, my main passion is in finding ways of improving the transport systems of our built environments although I also have a passion for better urban design and development in general. Over 50% of the world’s population live in cities, yet many people still overlook how vital their proper functionality is to our well-being and quality of living.

What does improvement mean to me? Improvement of our communities is more than just about providing the services that will encourage the creation of jobs or adding educational and health facilities. It is about providing places that have a high degree of liveability, are sustainable – socially, economically and environmentally – and encourage strong community activity and bonding. It’s also about creating places that have a strong sense of identity and communities that are proud of who they are and what they stand for.

This blog is intended to provide both global and local (from an Adelaidean) perspectives about how much we take our cities’ available services for granted and how some cities are striving for perfection. It is a ground for sharing ideas for the improvement to the physical environment. Many posts are about transport, but numerous other topics are covered relating to research in building column design that I undertook in 2010, urban planning, sustainable design, interesting streetscapes, buildings, project funding and project management. My home town of Adelaide is the subject of most posts but other cities are also discussed where I believe it is appropriate that Adelaide can learn something from the experience of these cities.


3 Responses to “About This Blog and it’s Author: Andrew”

  1. glenn king Says:

    hey there, great site. i want to talk to you further about some ideas if you are intersted. it seems we are both on the same page, and i have been doing some research in this field myself.

  2. glenn king Says:

    you would be familiar with MATS? i have been thinking of writing a book on it, and how not building it was the biggest mistake in the entire history of this city…i also want to starting a lobby group to be vocal and intelligent on how to fix Adelaide’s backwards transport plan… interested? glennking.public@yahoo.com.au

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